"Welcome to Pollonia... where beauty unfolds"

Milos, nestled in the southwestern reaches of the Cyclades, boasts a volcanic heritage adorned with tuff, trachyte, and obsidian among its natural treasures. Home to iconic finds like the Venus de Milo, Poseidon of Milos, and Asclepius of Milos, the island is steeped in history, offering a wealth of archaeological wonders to explore. Its uninhabited western expanse is a designated Natura 2000 site, showcasing unique landscapes sculpted by volcanic forces – from enigmatic rock formations to vibrant soil hues and breathtaking beaches, inviting adventurers to indulge in a playground of exploration. Gracing the northeast edge of Milos, Pollonia (or Apollonia) stands as a quaint fishing village, home to 300 souls. Nestled around a charming creek, it serves as the island’s secondary port, complementing the bustling harbor of Adamantas, known for its rejuvenating sulfurous springs courtesy of the island’s volcanic activity. Named in homage to the ancient Temple of Apollo atop the Lighthouse of Pelekouda, Pollonia boasts a seaside adorned with apartments, hotels, and an array of taverns, restaurants, and idyllic island cafés. The bustling dock, set against the backdrop of the chapel of Agia Paraskevi, welcomes local fishing boats laden with the day’s catch – a vibrant spectacle that also serves as the departure point for daily excursions to the enchanting Cave of Papafragas and the captivating islets of Glaronisia.

Captain zeppos Milos Greece
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